Dreaming in Color

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baptism and a Hernia????

Ok, so I am so happy to announce that Bean is getting Baptized on Sunday, March 27th at Immanuel Lutheran Church..  We went to Bible class on Sunday and I really liked the Pastor and the people.  They were so kind.  I'm really looking forward to getting invovled with them.  Yesterday at Dr. Nichols' office Bean and I were in the exam room and Rob walked in, looked down at Bean and goes, "Why is his button out?" and I'm like, "What??" and I look and his Mic Key button had fallen out of his tummy--the freakin' balloon had exploded!! It was literally in pieces.  So i insert back into his tummt, Bean coughs and it shoots across the room, lol!  Thank you God for Dr. Newman, though.  I called them and they said since we were right across the street to just come on over and they'll get him fitted with a new button.  Yay:)

Also, Dr. Nichols said it looks like Bean MAY have a hernia, in which case it would require surgery.  He said it's nothing to worry about right now and to just keep an eye on it.  But of course I'm freaking out.


  1. is it an embilical hernia? Clara had one and it went away on its own. And congrats on the baptism, so exciting!! Can't wait to see pics when you do it.

  2. Bean was baptized?! Photos, please :)