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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Wrinkle in Time

Ok, sorry guys, once again, for the H U G E lapse in time between posts.  I looked at the last time I posted and it was in March! Really, March?!?!? However, in my defense the last 2 months have been NUTS.  At the end of March Bean was Baptized then from the end of March to the first 9 days in April Roy and Jeannie were out to see us, then it was Easter, then Jen came to see us and walk in March for Babies (more about that later), then it was Mother's day weekend which had some awesome and not-so-awesome parts as Bean's esophagus decided to take a veritable crap on him and he began throwing up large amounts of what literally looked like Cherry Coke.  It was old and fresh blood with secretions.  The a week later he got sick and when I say sick I mean he had explosive and constant diarrhea that looked like cottage cheese (complete with white chunks) which was covered in a yellow mucus and emitted the most foul odor I have ever smelled from a human being.  He was also vomitting non-stop and was running a fever of 102.8 then he got severely dehydrated and almost had to go to the hospital for fluids because during this time we decided to try to transition him to a blenderized diet but weren't putting enough water into the mix oh and 5 of his teeth are about to pop out right now oh and then my sister and Dad came out for beaner's birthday party and lucky me, I came down with exactly what Bean had 2 days before they get there.  So, yeah, it's been nuts but I have a ton of pictures to share with u guys from his Baptism to present.  However, tonight as Rob and I were wrestling with Bean's feeding pump I accidentally made the entire bag of blenderized food (fresh spinach, ricotta cheese, fruit juice, vanilla Elecare, olive oil and rice) EXPLODE  in a freaking huge GREEN mess all over the kitchen.  It literally looked like a Lysol commercial, it was hilarious, it was ALL over the floor, cupboards, refrigerator, walls, sink, BASEBOARDS (I was like, "What the hell, how did it get on the baseboards?") and of course in our hair, all over our clothes and skin and my glasses, oh and the mini blinds, which are getting washed in the shower so with that being said (typed) I am off to the shower.

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