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Friday, February 4, 2011

Gimme a Five, Up High...

Ok, so Bean had PT on Thursday and it was the cutest thing-Jennifer taught Bean how to do a high five!  It's fun.  Also, he is rolling over more now but he can't seem to bypass his arm; I'm not sure if he is strong enough yet to pull it out from underneathe himself. 

On Wednesday I went to the Sellwood Library to read to the therapy dogs.  It;s a program run by a teacher of blind children to help kids become more comfortable reading out loud, so he lets kids come in and read out loud to his therapy dogs in thrity minute increments.  It was really cool.  I'm taking Bean in the summer so we can read to the dogs together:) 

This lady Sara, who frequents Twin Paradox, always brings her big dogs Sadie and Violet inside and Sadie kissed him on the face one time lol.  On Tuesday at Twin Paradox Violet came up to see me and Bean and she kissed him right on the face it was so cute.

Bean going on a walk with Rob and I, Jan. 2011

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