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Monday, February 7, 2011

Cuss Bucket

Bean, Jan. 2011
So, Bean mimics his Dad now...He won't copy me but when his dad makes sounds at him, Bean laughs a real deep belly laugh and makes the same noise back, it is freaking hilarious.  There's the awesome Pterodactyl sound that Bean is a big fan of, it's sort of a cross between James Brown and the shrill cry of a hawk, lol and we've been trying to get him to say "book", "dad" and "mom" as I would prefer that my son not present to his kindergarten class the same colorful vocabulary that we enjoy in our household, so this means only one thing: We've got to start watching our mouths.  How though, after years upon years of speaking and cussing with abandon, do two verbally expressive adults give their language a toddler-friendly makeover?  Perhaps a cuss bucket, 25 cents here or there for every profane utterance?  If we do this, Bean will have his college paid for in spades by the time he's five.  Although, I have serious doubts that anything less than a shock collar will G-rate our language.

Oh, something else I forgot to add about Bean's Neuro appt.  For fine motor skills he is at the level of a three month old and for gross motor a four month old.  Which is to be expected when you miss out on the first 4 months of your life.

He is, as I type this, in his bounce, bouncing up and down as hard as he can it's so funny=)  We are getting ready to go to the zoo, gotta go=)

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