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Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Cakes, Ambassadorship, Neurodevelopmental Health & More=)

Okie dokie, Bean's sleeping right now so I may have to cut this short.  His 1st birthday is coming up and I AM SO EXCITED.  I cannot believe my baby is almost a year old.  So, I literally have no idea what is appropriate for a 1 year olds' birthday part but I've got a few ideas.  The one thing that keeps plaguing me is...THE CAKE.  Ever since I found out I was pregnant I've imagined my baby celebrating his or her first birthday with their very own cake to smash into, smush all over their face and just make a mess.  My neice Samantha, who is now 21 (oh, wow, I'm old), I vividly remember her 1st birthday party at the park and she had her own cake and sat on top of the table and just got it everywhere.  I've always wanted to do that.  However, Bean isn't quite yet at the stage where he can start shoving cake in his mouth, lol, so I've been mulling over ideas for a cake.  Should I get a bunch of his favorite flavored baby food, Peach Cobbler and just dump a whole mound of it on a paper plate and say,"Have at it"?  That doesn't seem very...celebratory to me.  But I mean, he doesn't really have a lot of options, here.  Also, and oh my gosh this was so funny, last night the three of us went to Barnes & Noble to hang out (i.e., escape our hermit lifestyle for a hour) and on the way there we went to Mike's Drive In which has become my new guilty pleasure because I really wanted a soft serve vanilla ice cream cone.  I sit in the back with Bean whenever the three of us go anywhere and on the way to B & N, I looked at my son, looked at my ice cream and thought, Why the hell not?  So, I put the ice cream up to his mouth and he totally loved it!  It was super cute and really neat :)  So, that brings me to my next idea for a Bean-friendly birthday cake: Should I get s soft serve vanilla ice cream cone and stick a "1" candle in it?  I could put soft icing around it for him, too.  I gotta think on this one.

For thos eof you that don't know, my Bean has been chosen by the Providence St. Vincent's  March for Babies team as its Team Ambassador :)  The event is on April 30th and the funds raised go towards research to help prevent premature births and birth defects and to provide education and support for families with babies in the NICU.  Here is a link to our page.


From my page you can click onto our team's page. 

Bean, Jan. 2011

Oh, ok, so Wednesday Bean has his first-ever appointment with his neurodevelopmental pediatrician.  We've never met her before and I am very anxious for this appointment.  It is a very long visit, where she will assess Bean to see where exactly he is at in terms of development.  I'm always a bit anxious for these appointments because I get very defensive about Bean and when professionals who've NEVER met him before start making assumptions or asking (what seem to me) stupid questions it really bothers, annoys and offends me.  However, I heard Dr. Sacks is really great and I am looking forward to her assessment.  I'll let you guys know as soon as possible what she says.

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  1. I LOVE the ice cream idea!! That would probably work out perfect and he can still make a mess! Clara was sick on her bday party and I couldnt' figure out what was wrong with her until that night. She showed NO interest in her cake.

    I knew Bean was born in May but I didn't realize that our kids bdays were only 2 days apart. And congrats on Bean being the ambassador, so cool!!